Christmas on the Plaza

Christmas on the Plaza, Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO
Christmas on the Plaza, Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO


Went to the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City several nights back. Thought I would try to capture something with the Christmas lights for a card. Spent some time with a fellow photographer checking out a few possible locations for a nice sunset over the Plaza.  Unfortunately, the previously predicted 24% sky cover did not materialize.  Such conditions could have provided the elements for a really nice sunset.  But a cloudless sky is all we ultimately had to work with.  After chalking it up to little more than a scouting mission, we grabbed a few shots and my fellow photographer friend decided he should call it a night. I too figured I would capture a few more and head home.  As I walked a few blocks I noticed another photographer at a corner deeply involved in his work.  As I approached I saw he was photographing through a clear crystal ball.  I introduced myself and listened as he explained what he was doing and he then graciously offered me the opportunity the try a few shots through what was like a giant raindrop. Of course the image appeared upside down but that would easily be corrected in post processing.  It was different and certainly produced a unique image for this year’s Christmas card.

Merry Christmas  to all my photography fans and friends

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Laura Macky

I’ve done some of those crystal ball shots on a sunset. Just the other day i was wondering how it would be with my christmas tree or christmas lights somewhere. Nice result you got here!

John Greco

Nicely done, Craig!