Craig enjoys great personal satisfaction from his photographic pursuits and is always looking to grow both technical and artistically.  However, he finds equally rewarding teaching others the art and craft of

After acquiring a used Petri 35mm camera and access to a dark room in the early 1970’s, Craig quickly developed an ever increasing passion for photography as a means of creative expression. Over the years he worked with 35mm, 645 and 6×7 medium format, as well as 4×5 large format cameras, honing skills and developing his photographic style along the way. Now, with the tremendous advances in technology and the digital dark room, he work exclusively with digital SLR capture.

Largely self-taught, Craig continuously studied the works of various noted photographers, including Ansel Adams, Bret Weston, John Sexton, Elliot Porter and others. This exercise helped fuel his desire a pursuit of the art of photography. But it was the work of large format landscape photographer, David Muench, which had the largest impact in shaping Craig’s work and inspired him to try his hand at large format photography. The period during Craig’s work with a Zone VI 4×5 view camera played an important role in his growth as a photographer and evolution of his style. This is most apparent in Craig’s fondness for wide-angle perspectives and the use of strong foreground elements to create a sense of depth in his images.

photography.  Based in the Midwest, he conducts landscape photography workshops in south central Missouri and the Flint Hills of Kansas.   He also conducts local seminars and personal instruction to develop the photographic talents of others. His fondness for the great Northwest often takes him to the beautiful state of Oregon where he conducts annual workshops and tours.  Here he capitalizes on the diverse environments of the Northwest, which offers everything from seascapes, mountains, rainforest, waterfalls, high desert, and more.

Being outdoors and enjoying the intimate details of nature, and being able to capture it in a way that inspires others is more than enough to keep Craig engaged in a very intrinsically rewarding pursuit.